Summer in Laramie – Video Story

As my year comes to a close here in Laramie my partner Booke and I wanted to capture the beauty that Laramie has to offer in this gorgeous spring weather! When it starts to get warmer out and the days get longer Laramie becomes an outdoor lovers paradise. The Laramie community quickly turns into a very active place with everyone wanting to be outside in the warmer weather. Brooke and I decided to video just a few things to highlight going into summer by hiking up at Vedauwoo, walking around campus, and capturing some guys playing basketball.

I really enjoy filming and I have been lucky to learn a lot about good filming angles and movement from my social media internship. I took a ton of videos and then narrowed them down when it came to the editing process. Editing was a little complicated to figure out at first but I love messing around with different effects so it was fun. It took a lot longer than I expected to make and downloading all of the files was probably the most challenging part. When we tried to post it to YouTube we had to convert it to a different file which took a while and then the quality of the video drastically changed. I think finding a different program or a better way to download it in the future would help save the quality of it.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and I would like to make more videos in the future. From filming to the editing process I learned a lot and thought it was all a very fun and creative thing to do. I may use this in my future careers a lot from promotional videos to go on social media to just creating a personal YouTube account. This video project was a great learning tool and I can’t wait to use it again soon.

Here is the video we made attached below. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! (And yes the dog ran into me when filming!)




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