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A Critique of the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies Social Media Accounts.

This entry will be dedicated to comparing the Denver Broncos NFL team and the Colorado Rockies MLB team and their presence on social media. I will critique all of the different social media platforms that they use which includes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. These social media platforms are such a valuable way for the teams to reach out to fans and drive engagement.

With the increasing growth of social media, fans look for a way to gain insight and value from their favorite sports teams through these unique platforms. It is more than just pictures, but a way to get an “inside look” and for fans to feel more connected to these players and the community. Being a social media intern for the University of Wyoming athletics department I have gained a lot of knowledge about how to best use social media accounts for sports and how much work goes into it. The most important thing about using these platforms is to tell a story. Telling a story that fans can engage in unlike TV is what really sets these teams apart.



The Broncos and the Rockies both have a distinguished Facebook page and the content is fairly similar. Facebook is mostly used to post game recaps, awards, statistics, and some fun content. It is an easy platform to share more statistic based content and videos are more appealing on Facebook. Both teams have a variety of content that they have posted and kept it engaging with short text and hashtags.  There are a few differences right now with their fan engagement because the Broncos are off season right now and the Rockies have just started their season which will drive a lot more attention to their page.


Twitter is a unique platform and is used very differently than others because of the way that it is set up. Twitter only allows a certain amount of characters in the caption so it is important that the teams are adding a valuable superlative in this part of their tweet. Twitter is mostly different from other platforms because it is more light-hearted and fun.  The Broncos and the Rockies both have a recent tweet using the acronym TFW which means “That Feeling When”. The audience on Twitter is able to recognize these acronyms and meanings whereas the audience of other platforms may not. Twitter is also has a lot more engagement than other platforms and the Broncos and Rockies utilize Twitter in a very effective way.


Instagram is my personal favorite platform and the best thing about it that has had a huge draw lately is the Instagram stories. The Denver Broncos have 1.1 million followers on Instagram and their page is very visually appealing.  The Colorado Rockies have 295 thousand followers and have great quality pictures. The main difference that I noticed was that the Broncos post a lot more fan pictures than the Rockies do. The Broncos appear to do a great job with keeping up with content in their offseason. Something that they could both do better is including hashtags and/or locations on all of their posts. This will allow for more fan engagement and make them appear more in searches. The Rockies do have “Tag your photos #Rockies25th” in their description but I think they could expand it by putting it on their own pictures as well.


I have a love/hate relationship with Snapchat because it is a more difficult platform to utilize.  It is definitely the best for those “behind the scene” moments to share with fans but they do not save and it is not always content being posted to Snapchat. I have been following both teams on Snapchat for a few months now and I have to say that the Rockies have blown me away with how well they have utilized Snapchat. The content that they post to their stories is so fun to watch and I always look for what they are posting each day. They have been very creative with is and shown a lot of content that they may not share on other platforms. One Snapchat story that they did before the season started was a look at the entire Rockies offices and what goes into being the social media creator.  This was something so unique that I have not seen from other teams. The Broncos use Snapchat mostly for when there are games or other events going on but they are not as unique to just Snapchat.


Both teams have an official Pinterest account and what is neat about Pinterest is it allows many other people to post and save content that they enjoy. Their Pinterest accounts both have categories of fans, their home stadiums, gameday pictures, and mascot pictures. The Denver Broncos definitely have more of a presence on Pinterest and a lot more engagement but I was surprised to how well both teams have grown their Pinterest accounts.

Final Reflection

Overall, I think that the Broncos and the Rockies have a great social media presence on all platforms and they are definitely utilizing it in ways that they will continue to grow.

Three reasons why the organizations are using social media in a constructive and effective way.

  1. They have a strong following on all platforms and continue to post content daily.
  2. They engage and respond back to their fans.
  3. They are creative with tweet captions, Snapchat stories and have valuable content that fans want to see.

Three pieces of advice about how the organizations can improve their social media presence.

  1. The number one piece of advice that I would give to both teams would be to link all of their accounts together and cross promote. This will allow fans who may just be following them on Twitter to go follow on other platforms as well.
  2. I did not see a lot of use of specific hashtags on their own content and I think it would be a great way to help both teams grow on social media more, especially on Instagram. An article from Digital trends says, “Adding hashtags (#) is a great way to get new followers and share your photos with more people. Choosing the right tags will help you connect with other people who have the same interests on Instagram”.
  3. Some different advice for each team would be to try and gain a bigger presence on different platforms. The Denver Broncos could work on their creativity on Snapchat and The Colorado Rockies could include more fan involvement on their Instagram.

Social media is used in so many different ways and it is important that it is catered to whatever organization, team, business, or person is using it. Both Anna Raider and Jessica Romero offered very interesting insights when it comes to social media and I can conclude that having a solid brand is so important to all of the social media platforms.


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