A Colorado Summer – Without the expenses

Things to do in Denver this summer that won’t leave you broke!

Summer is quickly approaching and it will be wonderful to enjoy the sunny and warm weather. Denver has become a very popular city, and with that, many prices have increased around the area. Luckily, you wont have to worry about those increasing prices to put a damper on your summer fun in the sun. I will share with you the top five things to do in the Denver area that won’t break the bank.


Rockies Game

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What better than Americas greatest past time under the Colorado sun? Coors Field is a great place to go be out in the sun with friends and watch the Colorado Rockies. You can make going to a Rockies game fairly cheap so you get a few hours of fun without emptying your wallet. Ticket prices can be found for as low as $6! They may not be the best seats in the house, but bring a fun group of friends, walk around, and enjoy being outside.

“I remember going to Rockies games since I was a kid and it was always my favorite summer thing to do! Now I make sure to go with some friends ever summer because it always makes for some great memories.” Said Anna Fleiner who was born and raised in Denver Colorado.


Denver Zoo

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Going to the zoo for a day is a little more pricey but can provide you an entire day of entertainment. Tickets for adults cost $17. They do offer some occasional free days and you can normally find discounted coupons or cheaper entry days online. There is always so much to see at the zoo and you could easily find yourself spending an entire day there which is a good deal for the price. From seeing all the different exhibits, watching shows, and walking around it is bound to be an exciting day!


Denver Day of Rock – Memorial Day Weekend

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Kick off your start to summer walking the entertaining street of downtown’s 16th street. There are always festivals, concerts, and events happening downtown during the summer to take advantage of. The Denver Day of Rock is particularly a huge hit because of all of the things to walk around and see. There is free music and bands playing throughout the street as well as some vendors handing out free things.

Anna Fleiner said, “Its so fun to go walk downtown and check out all of the exciting things going on. You always see something different and when events are going on you get so much to walk around and enjoy. Going to 16th street is a must for Memorial Day Weekend.”

There is no doubt that this huge block party would be a fun day!


Bear Creek Lake Park

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About 20 minutes outside of downtown Denver you can find Soda Lakes at Bear Creek Lake park. This is a great way to cool down on a very hot day and have some fun as well as relaxation. Bring some lawn chairs, a cooler full of food and drinks, some water toys and your set for the day. The Soda Lakes have a great beach area where you can set up your space on the shore of the lake and enjoy sunbathing or going for a swim. The entry fee to get into the park for the day is only $8, and you can bring all of your own food and drink in. If the lake is not for you, there is also some great walking trails around the area. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains while relaxing in the sun.


Red Rocks

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One of Colorado’s most popular attractions is, Red Rocks Amphitheater. This amazing natural amphitheater provides some stunning views and endless events throughout the summer. The concerts and events that happen here can be pricey but luckily, the amphitheater is open to the public everyday for free when there are no events going on. You can go climb the stairs, take in the views, and hike some beautiful trails all around red rock at no price.

Anna Fleiner said, “This is definitely my favorite place in Colorado, I love to go hiking here and the views never get old. If you go spend a few hours hiking here you get some awesome scenery for no cost at all.”

Stay active during the summer at this stunning venue!



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