Tucker’s Under Water Career After College

For my audio profile, I interviewed Tucker who is a student that I know at the University of Wyoming. He is taking an interesting career path after college and I wanted to capture his story of what he will be doing.

This is an unedited version of the audio profile where I interviewed him.

Upon starting the interview I explained to Tucker a little about what I was doing and that I would be recording the interview. It was a little difficult to start the interview but once we got talking it was fairly natural. I had my phone sitting on a table that was recording us and I would occasionally look over at the time. The five minutes seemed to go by very fast and it was overall a good interaction.

After the interview, it was a bit of a struggle downloading the files and it took me a while to do. When editing it in Audacity I had no clue what I was doing at first and had to play around with it for a while before I understood more about what to do.  The editing part definitely took me the longest amount of time and I had to start over a few times to get the audio lined up right.

This assignment surprised me because I did not realize that there was so much you could do with audio. I have never edited audio before so it was interesting to see all of the different programs to work with it.

The thing I would have done differently is add more pauses in the original audio.  It was harder to edit and did not have a great flow to it when I put different pieces together.

I am happy that I got to use this assignment to become more familiar with audio. I would definitely like to use it in the future to possibly make podcasts of my own. I learned that there is so much you can do with it and it would be fun to get creative.


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