Cowboy Basketball – Telling the Gameday Story Through Photos.

Wyoming Mens Basketball

For this post I have gathered photographs from the Wyoming Cowboys basketball game in effort to show the true story of the game. These photos were easy for me to capture because I am an intern for the athletics department and I am responsible for posting to social media platforms (Instagram or Snapchat) during the games. I am always taking pictures on and off the court, so I have been able to learn what lighting and angles work best. I like to get pictures that tell people the story of the game, even if they are not there watching it they can get an idea of what the atmosphere at the game is like.


Game Day – The Wyoming Cowboy basketball team huddles up before their game on Saturday February 17th in the Arena Auditorium.


In this first photo I show the Cowboys Basketball team and the coaches huddled up together when warming up before the game starts. I am familiar with the basketball team and the Arena Auditorium setting. The creative device that I use in this photo is establishing size because of the size comparison between the basketball on the ground, the team, and then the lights above. The team normally huddles up like this before every game and there is a coach in the middle that is giving them a pep-talk and getting them excited for the game. It would be interesting to get different angles of this photo to show things like the coach in the middle or the entire team.


Free Throw Focus – Cowboy Basketball player, Hayden Dalton focuses on the hoop as he gets ready to shoot a free throw.  This photo was taken on Saturday February 17th at the Arena Auditorium.

Free Throw Focus

This second photo features Hayden Dalton taking a free throw during the game. I have never played basketball competitively before so I do not know what shooting a free throw in a game setting is like. This photo is sports action as well as a portrait and uses the creative device of focus. It was very easy to capture this photo because there is less movement going on, making it easier to get a focused picture as opposed to the players running around.



Cheer – University of Wyoming Cheerleaders cheer on the Cowboy basketball team. This photo was taken on Saturday February 17th at the Arena Auditorium.


Suspense – The Cowboy Basketball team watch their teammates play from the home team sideline.  This photo was taken on Saturday February 17th at the Arena Auditorium.

Cheer & Suspense

The last two photos are similar because they are taken of people on the sidelines of the game. The Cheer photo features the UW cheer team in a line cheering on the team as they play, and the Suspense photo features the basketball team watching their teammates play. These are both sports action photos taken while the basketball game is happening. They both use the creative device of leading lines. I liked how these photos were taken in a similar set up but are two different view points of the basketball game. The cheerleaders are there to hype up the crowd and help create the right setting of the gameday experience. The rest of the team sitting on the sidelines are very focused and watching the actual game very closely with little worry about what else is going on around them.



Overall this assignment was very easy for me to do and the only struggle I had with it was narrowing down the pictures and choosing witch ones to use. I had many photos to choose from that showed so many different aspects of the game and it showed me just how much is going on and all the different content that can be collected. I had many pictures of the fans at the game as well and it would have been interesting to include their perspectives of the game as well. I really enjoyed doing this and I love being able to take pictures at the basketball games.









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