Looking Back in Multimedia Production

I can not believe it is already that time of year! It's crazy how fast 5 months can fly by and how much I have accomplished in that short time. As I approach graduation in a few days it is important to look back on the work that I have done this semester and what all... Continue Reading →

Summer in Laramie – Video Story

As my year comes to a close here in Laramie my partner Booke and I wanted to capture the beauty that Laramie has to offer in this gorgeous spring weather! When it starts to get warmer out and the days get longer Laramie becomes an outdoor lovers paradise. The Laramie community quickly turns into a very active... Continue Reading →

Social Media Critique

   VS.      A Critique of the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies Social Media Accounts. This entry will be dedicated to comparing the Denver Broncos NFL team and the Colorado Rockies MLB team and their presence on social media. I will critique all of the different social media platforms that they use which includes,... Continue Reading →

A Colorado Summer – Without the expenses

Things to do in Denver this summer that won't leave you broke! Summer is quickly approaching and it will be wonderful to enjoy the sunny and warm weather. Denver has become a very popular city, and with that, many prices have increased around the area. Luckily, you wont have to worry about those increasing prices... Continue Reading →

The Fun Way For Students To Stay Active

How college students at The University of Wyoming are staying active.  The university’s campus recreation offers many programs and tools to help students stay active in college but possibly the most unique and diverse program they offer is intramural sports. Intramural sports allows all students to get involved in a variety of individual and team... Continue Reading →

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