The Fun Way For Students To Stay Active

How college students at The University of Wyoming are staying active. 

The university’s campus recreation offers many programs and tools to help students stay active in college but possibly the most unique and diverse program they offer is intramural sports. Intramural sports allows all students to get involved in a variety of individual and team sports or competitions. The intramural sports program offers team sports as well as individual sports. Students can choose their own teams and be a part of men, women or corec teams.

“I have done a lot of intramural sports and I love it because it keeps me active and able to play the sports that I played in high school like basketball. I also like being able to play with my friends and then also compete against other people that I know” Said Tucker Skoric, a student at the University of Wyoming.

Along with keeping students active, intramural sports allow students to connect with their friends. Students are able to sign up for any sports of their choice as well as make their own teams of the required amount of people. Many students sign up for intramurals to have something fun and active to do with their friends. There is also such a variety of different sports to sign up for that students can try something new or be involved in a sport that they love.

Some of the more unique intramurals that are offered are; curling, billiards, basketball challenges and inner tube water polo.

“I have played innertube water polo for three years now in the mens and co rec intramural team and each year it is something that my friends and I look forward to. We signed up for it at first just out of curiosity of what it was and ended up loving it!” Said Tucker.

The variety that intramurals provide gives many students a chance to get involved in something that they like. Along with offering students different sports to join students get to experience them with their friends. Intramurals is the most popular program that the campus recreation provides and they have found that a large amount of students participate each year.

“We have programs on the computers that track how many students are signing up for intramurals, swiping their cards into the gym and signing up for fitness classes. By doing this we have found the largest number of students are involved in intramurals and the second most popular was our group exercise classes”, said Christopher Lee, the intramural sports coordinator at Half Acre Gym.

The intramural sports attract many students that may not be involved in as many other areas of campus recreation because it is more of a social aspect that students enjoy doing with their friends. There is a variety of students that just visit the gym, take classes, or use other resources that campus recreation offers but intramurals still offers a prominent interests to students. Along with intramural the campus recreation offers students a multitude of resources to provide them opportunities to get involved and active.

“We are able to provide students with many resources here on campus at the Half Acre Gym. The Wellness Center also provides many resources like personal training and nutrition classes. From things like fitness classes, weights, swimming, and intramural sports there is something for everyone here”, said Erin Kyle, who is a fitness coordinator and a registered dietitian.

Sometimes it can be difficult for students to find the time to stay active throughout college but the recreation center helps provide students with those important resources. Intramurals helps student expand their experiences and have fun with a way to stay active.

Finding a balance between college and working out can be a struggle, but it can bring students endless benefits. According to the Journal of Mental Health, there are multiple ways that physical activity can be helpful. From general health, mental health, as well as a social aspect, there are many ways fitness can improve several areas of one’s life. It is proven that staying active is rewarding, but as a busy college student, staying active everyday is easier said than done. Students can find a variety of activities that interest them and it seems that students will continue to utilize their involvement in intramural sports.

If students want to learn more on how to stay active while in college and about resources available to them, they can visit the University of Wyoming’s recreation webpage or the intramural sports webpage.




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Moving Forward in Multimedia Production

For the first post in this class I have been referencing to many students blog pages that were previously in this class. Looking at other pages helped me to get an idea of what to expect going forward.

Every blog page that I visited was very different but I could see the underlying theme of what each assignment entailed. Although each assignment may have had the same requirements each student executed them in very different ways. Many of the pages had an area of focus that helped me to gather some insight of what that student was interested in. One blog page that I really enjoyed was John Denega’s. He had many posts that were sports related and it was interesting to see how he executed the assignments.

I am hoping to learn how to use other forms of media that I do not have a lot of experience in like audio, video, and visualization. I am also excited to become familiar with running my own blog page.

One assignment that really stood out to me was the social media one. I have a lot of experience with social media and and when I saw that we will be live tweeting a sporting event I was excited because it is something that I have already done. Last semester I live tweeted almost all of the road Cowgirl soccer games for my internship. It was a hard skill to learn but became a lot easier the more I did it. The hardest part about it was that I had a large following that I was posting too and high expectations for the content I posted.

Going forward in this class I would love to stay focused on sports to continue to develop my skills in it. It is an event that I am invested in so I may have to think of ways to change my focus where I don’t have as much experience.

I would like to eventually use this blog page to showcase my work and professional skills to future employers. I am excited for this class because it will give me many skills that I can use beyond just this semester.